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Thirteen and Half Cats community

Find 13 and a half lost cats in the village.

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Day 4: more modeling & white box progress
Summary We had a busy day today so we didn't get to work on the game much ( ~2hr ). But progress is progress! I modeled a hiding place Pouley did more work on t...
Day 3: anti-crunch & new daily routine
I'm a workaholic but 'crunch' isn't sustainable We both work hard and we've gotten used to working painfully hard after spending years in the games / technology...
Day 3: animation, levels & final script
Walk animation done! I spent about +2hrs separating the character parts, adding a wand, adding new bones for items to the armature & tweaking for a little more...
Day 2: 3D character modeling
Here's what I've modeled today. I'll be adding more process shots as I make progress: She has proportions that reflect her approximate age, a hat, and a name no...
Day 2: sketching & white boxing
Today we're ready to get our hands dirty. We're creating assets and diving into Unity. The story and mechanics are pretty much set (although just about anything...
Day 1: define the story
Gather 13 cats hidden in a town ( gameplay ) so you can perform a ceremony ( story ). We've defined the story and gameplay today. The concept is simple and we'v...